+  This project has been published in June 2014  +

# ADAA 2015 Semifinalist







The smart watch is a concept design in 2014. I always have a passion for exploring new territories and designing for future. Wearable technology was hot again in 2014. I wanted to catch that wave to get into this area. That’s why I did this design exploration.



Explore persuasive and user-centered features for smart watches.











1. Show navigation at a glance

Problem: Do you enjoy the navigation experience on phones when walking? Familiar with this scenario:

Take phones out from pockets >> hold them on hands to check the ways >> put them back >> take them out from pockets again >>….

Why should we suffer from that? 

Proposal: For more convenient experience, watches allow users glancing their directions just on their wrist.



2. For workouts

Problem: Holding sensors on workout machines is not convenient and safe during users’ workouts. 

Proposal: That’s why I thought the workout feature is worth exploring.


Moto 360 in 2015.


Samsung Gear S2 in 2015. It allows users scrolling around its edge to set parameters.



3. User-centered IoT functionality

Problem: Tired of setting air-conditioners to adjust the temperature for your comfort manually?

Proposal: How might this watch controls the air-conditioner automatically based on your body condition?



4. Music controller

Problem: Do you like playing some music to help you sleep? Have you worried about that your music would keep playing after you fell asleep? Do that worries keep you awake?

Proposal: The watch will turn off your music automatically when it detects that you have fallen asleep.



5. Button, at a better position.

Problem: It is not natural and comfortable when pressing the physical button placing at 3 o’clock position.

Proposal: I changed the button’s position for helping users press it naturally.

I’ve done this project in 2014. Moto 360 changed its design in 2015.