This is a website designed for myself 1 years ago. After a trip to Thailand, I suddenly had a thought that I could do something Asia culture style. How I could express for this culture style I wondered.
I asked myself what my opinion is when I designed? Neat, simple and strong stylish are my principle. So I decided to design this website for expressing myself in my Asia culture way.
I choose the idea said by Confucius. 非礼勿视,非礼勿听,非礼勿言。Which means, don't see the thing you shouldn't see, don't hear the thing you shouldn't hear, don't speak the thing you shouldn't speak. Of course I comprehended these in my way :D

After the loading, you can see the keyvisual of my web. Yeah haha, this is me with a mask.

You can use the mouse to interaction with my mask, you can take off my mask and will see the other one.
We can often see the 3 monkeys which are burying their eyes, ears and mouth with their hands.

Oh yo, finally you can see me with no mask. The sentence means Take off the extra things, lock your target, catch it with all your energy as a tiger.

These 3 lines of Chinese characters are means,
Sold out, stands for my work. You know I don't wanna do the same design second time.
Sell? Not on my schedule. This stands for my work which are attempting of my way of design.
En? This a sound in Chinese which means what?. Right, that is about me.