It’s a working prototype, which is my homework for Physical Computing class,  fulfilling “machine adapting human”. So people don’t have to put on or take off the mask. The mask can work themselves based on people’s behavior. As wearing this eye mask, when people lie down, the mask will be automatically on for blocking the light. When people sit up, the mask will be off.


My original scenario is when people are on a plane or train. Some people prefer eye masks to block the light for better sleep. When they’re sleeping, they normally slum down on the chairs. When they’re not sleeping, they normally sit up, watching screens, books or do something else, which need their eyes.


I make the interaction part with Arduino. There is a tilt sensor which can detect when the user is laying down and when he/she is sitting up. Then it will give signal to Arduino. Arduino will control the servo to rotate to a specific angle, so as to turn on and off the eye mask. As a result, the eye mask can turn on or off by adapting to the user’s natural behavior.