For discovering them through live venues, we can open live venues’ websites. We can see the performing artists. But we don’t know whether these performances are popular or worth going. whether there are other performances in other live venues are more worth going.

For figuring that out, you can open some websites for events (like Ticket Master). Then you can know which ones are the hottest performances and who are the hottest artists.

But questions come: where are they? Which ones are easier to go? 

Besides, location is also another consideration for exploring performance and performing artists. For example, people may be more interested in the performance in Mission district rather than sunset district in SF, more interested in East Village and Williamsburg rather than Upper West Side in NYC.

Considering these pain points and opportunities, I designed a map based user interface to discover the best performances and artists through live venues. For helping users find more best performances, I designed a timeline for checking performances in different days.