Final Paper for "The Application of Smart Textile for Sportswear"

I do research in smart textile and its application for sportswear.

The e-textile can give preciser body surveillance and better following services than currently popular wearables (such as Jawbone). Jawbone-like wearables can't get precise data. Although Amp Strip can, we have to stick them on our body. When it comes down to e-textile, getting data from our body becomes preciser and more natural. Such as data from our hearts, breaths, even muscles. But small boxes have to be stuck to the apparel. If we cross printed circuit to the clothing, there would be no redundancy on our sportswear. Using e-textile, we can even change the experience of workouts. The workouts could become games. Because of e-textile, wearable technologies can be hidden. It can help us know ourselves better and even change the whole experience of workouts.