Documentation for VirtuaTry

This is a study project with Publicis, led by Bernardo Schorr. We are trying to create proposals for improving/creating future retail experience.

We go through client meeting, design research, categorizing design themes, picking themes and making proposals, presentation for client and getting feedback, making proposal based on feedback, user test, iteration and final presentation.

I’m in a 3 persons team, composed by one technologist, one designer and one narrator. I’m the designer. We use technology to redesign in-store experience. We decide to create an app in user’s phone, which allow the user to try the clothes virtually when shopping in the store. At the meanwhile we also provide plug-in for web browser for shopping online. The final mock can be check at,

Here is the documentation for the whole design process.

Brain storming for themes

Each of us searches several projects related to retail by our interest, explaining what it is, why interesting and the link. Then we have a meet for categorizing them into different themes.

Second meeting

Based on the themes, we did the research again before coming to this meeting. In the meeting, we brainstorm the things we can image with retail. At the meanwhile we also show our research to each other for inspiration.

We are separated into 3 groups. Each group will give a concept in the following days.

Some sketches for our concept.

First presentation to client

We make our first proposal and give the first presentation in MRY.

Making our concept to a concrete proposal based on the feedback

Some sketches for the app, based on the functions we have set.

Making the first version mockup of the app

Group meeting and getting feedback

Iterating the UI/UX 

There are 3 iteration based on 2 group meetings.

User test

We make the prototype for our product. Then we have 2 rounds user test. 2 persons per round. There is an iteration after each test.

Making narrative video for demonstrating this app

Final presentation