Major media are almost occupied by famous artists who belong to major music labels. The artists who haven’t been famous or who are independent can hardly show themselves. It happens in Billboard, Spotify, Apple Music, Vevo, MTV and other major music media. However their music are great and worth listening.



This is a mobile product for exploring great music and artists who have seldom been exposed in major media. This app can help us find them through popular live venues and following other users. It can also benefit artists to get payment through selling live performance tickets and record vinyl.



How to dig high quality music and artists who can hardly be exposed in major media?

How to benefit artists more than paid by per stream?



1. Dig them through popular and famous live venues.

The artists who seldom show themselves in major media have occupied live venues. The artists performing in famous venues are mature enough and definitely worth digging. Live venues are also good resources for music recommendation, as good venues selecting good artists to perform. 

2. Dig them through following other users (artists, fans, venues, music labels).

We intuitively prefer recommendations from the people we appreciate or trust. The recommendations from Spotify, Apple Music like products are based on our preference in artists and music genres. Their recommendations are over rigid and unsmart. We are willing to try different style stuff from the people we trust.   

3. Help artists get payment from tickets for live performance and vinyl for records.

Live performance is a great way for artists to get payment as they earn too less from streaming music service. Vinyl become the popular forms of records recently.