Silkscreen Printing



This is a silk screen printing artwork. The name is DRAGON FLAVOR.

It looks fun. Seems I’m showing off our unique Chinese culture proudly. But actually, I’m showing the dark side, critiquing the dark side.

I’m critiquing the impact of our traditional culture is too small in modern China. In this modern age, we keep learning from the developed countries, companies for their skills, cultures, and minds. We keep learning, but also keep imitating and copying. We are internationalized, westernized.We lost ourselves. We know we should respect our own culture. I know we did efforts. But to me I feel that we treat our culture just like an ice cream cone. When we finished it, it is just finished. Nothing is left. The only thing left is the internationalized OURSELVES.





Illustrate in computer and print photos.


Coat the screen with emulsion (a material for exposure) and let it dry.


Expose the coated screen with the photos.


Rinse the melted emulsion.


Dry the screen and print.