It is a new music instrument for my pcomp final. This instrument can generate sounds by light.


At the beginning, I wanted to design an MIDI glove that could adapt people’s natural way for playing music. I often tap my fingers on my leg following the beat/rhythm when I enjoy music on the subway. It is not only my personal habit, it is a common behavior. Scottish Step Dance is also a good example of playing music (beat) naturally. I want to design an instrument can adapt to the tapping behavior. I choose to adapt the fingers instead of feet, it is because the fingers are more agile for playing complicated music. Beside, music is relaxing for me. I just want to sit in such a place, somewhere like a garden, or a place full of nature, for enjoying some chill music, wasting my whole day without feeling guilty. That’s why I came up with the concept of MUSIC GARDEN. This piece is for my major studio, which can be checked here,

But when I finished and played, I found although it was easier to generate sounds than keyboard, it was hard to create music, as creating needed inspiration and coincidence (I believe). I could hardly break the music patten I have done, as I’ve gotten used to the sequence of tapping fingers. I just wondered whether I could design some instruments which was not only easy to use, but also could provide inspirations. Beside, when coming to instruments, it is not for easy, it is more for fun and playful. I think I should consider more playful elements or gestures as well. So I designed another instrument.

As the natural way for playing music was not that helpful, I wanted to use an ironic way to design the new instrument. What is the life resource of a garden or plant? That’s light. So I want to use this“natural” way for playing.

Possible iteration

I have chosen Future Instrument as my Collab next semester. I will think about the instruments in this direction, which is not only for usability and accessibility, but also for helping break the habit of creating, and giving more playful enjoyments.

The code